Traction Batteries

Traction Batteries

Traction Batteries are high power, starting capacity which is produce by using tubular positive plates (PZS). These batteries are used as power source in any electric lifting and handling Forklifts with their general types and load lifting platforms, mine locomotives in mine pits (flame-proof), some DC systems, diesel and electric locomotives as well as rail car lighting in rail systems.

These batteries are lead-acid technology which are also designed to have high continuous charging-discharging performance and They are proven vented solution excellent reliability and long service life.

These batteries are produced with Tubular positive plates (PzS), high quality microporous separators between positive and negative plates which are make the battery long-life as well as high porosity with low resistance and easy to transmit of the electrolyte.

Polypropylene lid and container is used and welded with thermo-welding technology to ensure full leakproof.

  • Available in every voltages and cells configuration
  • Fully plastic coated steel container for every dimensions, voltage and capacity
  • Insulated bolts and connectors increasing the user safety and simplifying maintenance and repair
  • Suitable for all applications from light duty to heavy duty

  • Product Range (DIN – BS)

    Esan Traction Battery series have wide range capacities for all applications in industry and plate capacity range is 60Ah-155Ah according to the DIN standarts and 55Ah – 105Ah according to the BS standarts.

    Areas of Usage:

  • Forklift trucks
  • Electric pallet truck
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Mine locomotives
  • Lifting platforms
  • Golfcarts
  • Conveyor belts

    *Automatic Filling System

    A centralized piping system permanently fixed on the battery which quickly distributes the necessary water quantity to all cells ensure optimum electrolyte level and density of the battery

    *Air-Mix System

    A centralized piping system permanently fixed on the battery cells, delivers to them low pressure air (requires an air-mix configured charger). Electrolyte solution is mixed by the air-mix system which is provide more benefits, long-life, high performances, and maintenance cost;

  • Lower recharge times
  • Lower water consumption
  • Lower battery temperatures during recharge
  • An overall decrease in energy consuming and less maintenance cost
  • * Electrolyte Level Indicator

    A simple yet extremely efficient monitoring system for the electrolyte level of the cells


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