Start & Stop Batteries

Esan Akü's Start & Stop batteries are designed to provide the intensive energy and cranking requirements of vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

There are two types of Start & Stop batteries EFB and AGM. These batteries have high charge-up capabilities as well as high cranking and cycle capacities in very short time of period compared to standard batteries.

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Automobiles and Light Commercial Vehicles Batteries

In order to provide the requirements of the equipment and engine capacities of different vehicle brands and models, those are the special batteries produced under guarantee of Esan.

The high performance MF and SMF batteries has long cycle life due to high tech production technology and special chemical recepies.

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Heavy Vehicles Batteries

Special lead acid battery produced to provide the high ampere requirements of heavy and heavy duty vehicles with its high cranking power.

Thanks to technological manufacture of Esan Battery, it provides high performance even in the most extreme conditions with its leaktightness and endurance against heavy vibration and shock.

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Taxi Batteries

Taxis require high energy due to their electronics systems and heavy traffic conditions all day long. Esan Taxi Series designed to provide high energy requirement of taxis.

Esan Battery Taxi Series has long cycle life with special alloyed grids also provides taxi’s power needs fort he installed systems like navigation, taximeter, radiotelephone and beacon lamp. Water loss is minimised with SMF technology.

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Military Purposes Batteries

Esan Tank Series is designed according to NATO standards for military purpose vehicles.

Esan Akü Tank Series, which provides the energy needs of the systems like communication, night vision etc used in tanks, provides extra security with special plates, separators and lids for tanks that is subject to shocks and impacts in fields.

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Marine Batteries

Marin batteries which are developed by ESAN battery for the marine vehicles, are designed according to marine platform needs and usage conditions with sealed maintanance free Technology to fulfill the leaktightness against vibration and shaking.

In addition to high crancing power comes from special alloys and paste formulation Esan Marine batteries performs very high level of endurance even in sea conditions with its corrosion resistance.

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