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We Continue To Produce Positive Energy

Dear Customers and Business Partners,


While the epidemic of COVID - 19, which we all follow closely, continues to affect the world negatively, as we are Esan Akü, fulfills our duties; We continue all our processes by taking the necessary precautions in order not to put the health risks of our customers, business partners, employees and families .

Within the scope of these measures;

• We reorganized the way we work, taking into account the warnings.

• In order to reduce the risk in our working environment, we have decided to manage the processes from home with which of our eligible units .We have prepared all kinds of technical infrastructures to ensure that your demands are not interrupted. We are ready to respond about your requests online.

• We carry out our works continuously in digital environment for public health and our own health.

• You can send all your requests to us via our phones and mobile phones or by e-mail.

• We continue our production activities and taking the necessary precautions.

• Hygiene rules are strictly applied in our factory. Our factory is regularly disinfected and strict health checks are carried out at the entrances and exits.

• We accept a limited number of visitors to our factory after doing health checks .

• We continue production in our facility by obeying the social distance and hygiene rules and we process your requests without any delay.

In this context, we have taken all possible measures. We continue our production activities for our country, our economy, our stakeholders and our future.We believe that this epidemic, which negatively affects our lives, will end as soon as possible and we wish healthy days with positive energy.

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