Battery Ended

Battery Ended

      The end of the battery should be determined by having it checked by the nearest battery service. If the battery has reached the end of its life, the battery should be replaced, if the need for discharge or maintenance is detected, the necessary action should be taken in accordance with the battery charging and instructions.

How to Boost the Battery?

     Take the necessary precautions by following the safety rules before the battery connections.

  • Turn off the engine and all electrical loads (ignition, lamps, radio, etc.).
  • Make sure that the vehicle-battery voltage system (12V and/or 24V) to be connected from the battery (jump - start) to the battery is the same.
  • Make sure that the cables do not come into contact with the moving and/or hot spots (Exhaust, Radiator, Propeller, etc.) in the vehicles.
  • First, connect the red end of the jumper cable to the (+) terminal of the discharged battery and the other end to the (+) terminal of the full battery.
  • Then connect the black end of the jumper cable to the (-) terminal of the full battery, and the other end to any metal part of the body of the vehicle with the discharged battery.
  • First start the vehicle with the full battery, then start the vehicle with the empty battery.
  • After the vehicles have started, disconnect the wires from the (-) negative terminals and then the (+) positive terminals in order, starting from the vehicle with the empty battery.

How to connect the battery booster cable?

     The connection process is very important in the battery booster cable used in battery transfer processes. In cable connections, black wires are connected to (-) and red wires are connected to (+). This order is the same in both vehicles in the battery booster to be taken from the vehicle. While only the (-) parts are connected to the (-) throttling in a full battery, it should be on any metal surface on the hood of the vehicle with an empty battery.

  • Things to Consider Before Boosting the Battery
  • Check the plastic protectors.
  • Make sure there are no metal objects on the battery surface.
  • Pay attention to voltage and amperage compatibility on both batteries.
  • There may be battery supplements with different processes such as start-stop batteries. Therefore, you should not control the battery model.
  • Before starting the bracing process, make sure that the connecting wires are not moving or coming into contact with the exhaust, propeller and hot spots.

Why Does the Battery Die?

     There are certain criteria at the point of operation of batteries. For example, the ambient temperature of 25 degrees is important for the healthy operation of the batteries. During the winter months when the temperature drops below 10-15 degrees, the battery may have difficulty operating, it consumes more energy. Apart from this, the use of functions such as air conditioning and radio without starting the vehicle also shortens the service life of the battery.

Is a battery boost harmful?

     If the battery reinforcement is done in accordance with the correct procedures, there is no harm. The voltage and amperage of the booster battery and the discharged battery must match. If there is an incompatibility here, negative situations may occur for both vehicles. You can browse the Esan Akü categories for battery and battery plates compatible with your vehicle, and learn the details about reinforcement.

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