Message from our General Manager

Dear Esanians;

      In recent years, we have been experiencing a serious technological transformation and progress in manufacturing. We are moving from a large production facility to becoming a technological industry with great steps and determination.
Last year, we set a target for 1,000,000 units. However, the target of 1,000,000 batteries is not just about numbers, it also means becoming a serious player in our industry.

      With the start of our new factory, we will now be much closer to this goal. In our new factory, we will become one of the leading companies in our sector and our country, together with the investments we have made with high technology.
With this goal;

      Esan Battery will try to be an institution that follows advanced technologies in its field, can carry out R&D studies, produces value-added products, and most importantly, provides employment to future generations with its qualified human resources.

      I wish you many more years to spend together with Pozitif Energy.

C. Atilla Birmis
Battery General Manager