Taxi Batteries

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      One of the busiest vehicles on a daily basis is taxis. In fact, these vehicles, which are used so much that they can work almost 24 hours on all days of the week, require more energy than other vehicles. The starting power of the vehicles and the in-vehicle electrical equipment are the most used features. Therefore, taxi batteries are preferred according to this frequency of use. Depending on the characteristics of the vehicle you use in the taxi service, you can examine the best battery models from Esan Akü, and you can obtain your product at advantageous taxi battery prices from the nearest dealer.

High Performance with Taxi Batteries

      Apart from our individual vehicles, we can also provide transportation by means of public transportation or taxis. A large part of the society prefers to go to work and school with these vehicles. Especially in big cities, the use of individual vehicles is challenging both in terms of traffic and fuel consumption. In terms of preventing these, public transportation vehicles are very popular. Taxis work much more flexible than other means of transportation. They can provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the city or out of the city. Therefore, the battery energy and equipment they need will be different. We can see taxi batteries with high performance and the most specially protected designs.

Taxi Battery Advantages

  • Longer Lasting Use

Radio, navigation, USB charging, radio and in-car lighting are frequently used in vehicle headlights and inside the vehicle. Therefore, much more energy capacity is needed. The batteries preferred in taxis are also determined by considering these in addition to starting the vehicles. Longer lasting and high performance products are preferred.

  • Special Grid Model

One of the elements that provide high performance in taxi batteries is that it has a special grill design. In this way, there is no water loss, and the highest efficiency is achieved in charging power and cranking power. It has anti-corrosion properties.

  • Better Starting Power

In taxi batteries, which are designed to provide the best starting current, everything is reflected in the production so that the vehicles do not have problems on the road.

  • Doesn't Require Much Maintenance

It has a maintenance-free design and features. Battery connections can only be checked at certain time intervals. They require less maintenance than other batteries.

Why Taxi Battery

      Taxis, one of the most common means of transportation during the day, are demanded because they are more comfortable. For this sector, where passenger cars can be used, the choice of battery has a very special importance. These are the batteries that provide the continuity and comfort of the work. So what is a taxi battery? If we want to learn the details of what kind of differences they have compared to the batteries used in other vehicles, we can say that the taxi battery stands out with its high performance and special design. In taxis that need to work even without turning off the ignition when appropriate, it is important that the vehicle and its interior equipment work efficiently. In this sense, in taxi batteries, the required charging cycle and cranking power are at the highest power. Moreover, these batteries are produced in accordance with the LPG, gasoline and diesel fuel preferences in taxis. You can easily find what you are looking for at Esan Akü, which includes dozens of different products not only with the cheapest battery prices, but also with quality assurance.

High Volume Energy Source Taxi Battery

      Taxis, whose service we can request at any time of the day with a phone call, are the vehicles of the transportation sector that operate almost without working hours. While other transportation vehicles have a certain waiting time during the day, this waiting period may be negligible in taxis with the highest passenger circulation. If it is a taxi operating in a big city, not a rural city, the customer can wait even when the vehicle is running at any time. In this working order, batteries that provide continuous and high performance are needed. Among the taxi battery types, we can often see passenger models. However, vehicles with commercial vehicle status can also be preferred in this area. Start-stop vehicles can also be used optionally. In line with these differences, it can be said that options such as EFB battery are preferred as commercial taxi batteries. You can examine the best quality and cheapest taxi battery models at Esan Akü.

Taxi Batteries With Esan Akü Difference

      Esan Akü, which provides you with the energy your vehicles need with the latest technology production tools, has passenger car batteries as well as battery types suitable for special uses. Among the transportation vehicles, there are models with different capacities produced for taxis where comfort and fast transportation are required. Within the product category, you can examine the types of taxi batteries suitable for each vehicle type. At Esan Akü, you will be able to meet your needs with both affordable prices and quality, regardless of fuel system or vehicle type. You can review our product categories on our website for the most suitable taxi battery prices of Esan Akü, the reliable and leading brand of the sector. In our company, which is renewed day by day and makes its development continuous, the energy needed by your vehicle is provided with quality, while vehicle users will be able to maintain this comfort continuously.