Heavy Commercial Vehicle Batteries

      The battery can be produced according to different vehicle types in terms of its mechanism and operation. Heavy commercial vehicle batteries also provide the performance and power they need to vehicles manufactured for rough terrain, road and harsh climatic conditions. The engine power and usage areas of the vehicles to be examined in this category may differ. Heavy commercial vehicle batteries are produced according to these differences in capacity and function. Esan Akü offers hundreds of different models for your light or heavy commercial vehicles. You can examine the products that will not let you down with their high performance on our website, and you can bring your vehicle together with quality with the most affordable battery prices.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Battery Types

      High starting power, long performance and safety are important points in heavy commercial vehicles. Trucks, trucks, military vehicles, buses, tractors, construction vehicles can be mentioned in this category. Considering their capacities, they have different equipment than other vehicles in terms of tires, engines, lighting and many points. While some vehicles are used for transportation, some vehicles can transport important materials or must be equipped with the highest security in terms of security. Vehicles need to provide the highest performance at short or long distances. Different types of batteries are available for each vehicle.

Lorry- Truck Batteries

      The services provided in vehicles such as lorry and truck can be said as cities or international transportation, in public services as garbage, fire trucks, and as the transportation of all kinds of materials such as sand, stone, etc. required for construction. Vehicles like here can be in normal manual system or start-stop technology. The battery to be preferred may be dry acid batteries in some vehicles or AGM, EFB batteries with start-stop technology. For lorry battery or truck battery preferences, the most accurate capacity should be determined by considering long distance and heavy cargo transportation. At the point of how many amperes the lorry or truck battery should be, the model determined according to the engine power and other parts of your vehicle should be preferred.

Military Vehicle Batteries

      Energy is needed for panzers, tanks and armored vehicles in the category of military vehicles, as well as for military communication vehicles, coordinate determination tools, night vision binoculars and thermal cameras. Moreover, it is vital that these tools and accessories operate in the most efficient way without interruption. Among the batteries specially produced for military vehicles at Esan Akü, preferences such as AGM batteries and gel batteries can be made.

Bus Batteries

      Buses are vehicles used for urban or intercity passenger transportation. Bus batteries to be preferred should also be models that provide long and high performance. High performance batteries are needed for the heating system, interior lighting and seat back mini screen operation that are resistant to harsh weather conditions. EFB battery types are the most preferred models in buses.

Tractor Batteries

      Tractors are vehicles used in rough terrain for agricultural operations. Depending on this situation, the tractor battery should have high and continuous starting power, resistant to vibration on rough terrain and providing high performance. The question of how many amperes the tractor battery should be can be determined in line with these features. Tractors need more engine power than other passenger vehicles. 105 amp tractor battery is the most ideal model. Esan Akü for affordable tractor battery prices produced with the latest technology.

Heavy Duty Commercial Battery Models for Your Needs

      We can explain batteries not with a single standard model, but with dozens of different models. Vehicles produced mostly for transportation, transportation and security fall into this category. Vehicles have tons of weight, big tires, high engine power. However, the areas where they are used may be different. Buses are mostly used for transportation purposes. They can also do long distances in tough seasons. Accordingly, batteries that offer long and efficient performance are preferred. When we look at vehicles such as military, trucks or tractors, they should have the highest ability to withstand vibration and vibration, especially for their long performance. The energy needed by each is also different. 24 V truck battery or 150 amp tractor battery preferences are chosen completely depending on the characteristics of the vehicles. You can examine the best-selling battery models in heavy commercial vehicles from Esan Akü. You can also obtain your batteries from the nearest contracted dealers.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Battery Prices

      Batteries used in heavy commercial vehicles are preferred in line with the characteristics of the vehicle, its equipment and the area in which it will be used. Oral service commercial batteries provide the required energy in the most efficient way. It also has special equipment against vibration. Heavy vehicle battery prices may also differ for each vehicle type. The voltage values ​​that the vehicles will need are different for each one, and their prices will vary accordingly. In the same category, there will be differences between 105 amp tractor battery prices and 135 amp tractor battery prices. Likewise, truck battery prices and truck battery prices will vary depending on the battery characteristics required by both vehicles. You can obtain the latest technology and suitable models from Esan Akü for heavy-duty battery prices that you will use in commercial vehicles.