Military Vehicle Batteries

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      Vehicles used in the military are expected to show high performance even in the toughest weather and terrain conditions. Because even the slightest negativity at the point of operation of these vehicles can create a vital situation. Therefore, military vehicle batteries are designed to provide high performance with the safest equipment. They also provide the energy needed for the electrical equipment used in the vehicle. Contributing to every need in the battery industry with its production in its high-tech facilities, Esan Akü produces a model for each vehicle for heavy commercial vehicle batteries.


      There are vehicles with very different uses and capacities used in the defense industry. Some vehicles are preferred on city roads, while others are used on very rough terrain. It has different technical equipment to ensure security. There is a need for high and uninterrupted performance in equipment such as navigation, radio, night vision system and lighting in vehicles. Military or police armored vehicles differ from each other in terms of personnel transportation and security. However, equipment such as communication and navigation is a must-have feature in each of them. Esan Akü carries out the production of military vehicle batteries needed by our country in its high-tech facilities. Batteries also pass the necessary controls and tests after their production.


      Esan Akü, the innovative and leading company of the sector, meets battery demands at high speed with its ever-growing service staff and production technology. With its expanding production facility, batteries are exported to many points in the country and abroad. Carrying its quality abroad as well as its contribution to the country, Esan Akü has become one of the companies that are the pride of the country. It produces 100% domestic batteries with domestic capital and contributes to the country in its workforce. It is an address where you can safely meet your needs with the most special productions for military vehicles and offering advantageous options in terms of tank battery prices.

Military Vehicle Battery Features

      The battery technology used in military vehicles may be different. Apart from the standard battery, start-stop battery, military vehicle gel battery etc. There are many types of batteries that can be counted. The common feature of each is that it provides high performance for a long time. Common features of batteries used in military vehicles are as follows;

  • It has high vibration resistance.
  • It has a strong internal structure with specially designed separators.
  • It provides high protection against impact, vibration and jolts.
  • It has a maintenance-free design and internal structure.
  • It provides high starting power even in harsh climatic conditions.
  • It has a special design that is protected against situations such as burning.

AGM Military Purpose Batteries

      Technologies for batteries in military vehicles may also be different. AGM military-purpose batteries with dry battery status are used in vehicles with electrical equipment. With this feature, panzer can be preferred as a tank battery, depending on the need for high performance and high starting power. It also provides a safe ride with its features such as corrosion, no liquid spillage, and non-flammability.

Military Gel Battery Series

      The gel battery used in military vehicles provides the vehicles with the energy they need with its equipment. Considering the electrical equipment that is frequently used in the vehicle, it can be seen that military vehicles have a high energy requirement. Gel batteries also meet this need and do not require any extra maintenance for the battery. It is comfortable to use and high performance. You can browse the Esan Akü categories for military gel battery prices and models, and you can get the model you need from our nearest dealers.

Gel battery Advantages for military applications

      As military vehicles experience energy losses, their functions may slow down or stop. As a result, life-threatening situations may occur. Therefore, continuous and high performance is required in military vehicle batteries. Gel batteries can be used accordingly in battery preference for military vehicles. It performs its function in different vehicles such as Panzer, police vehicle, tank batteries. The benefits of using gel batteries are;

  • It has a special design against situations such as vibration and shaking.
  • It has separators resistant to water loss or spillage.
  • They do not require special care.
  • They provide high starting power even in difficult climatic and off-road conditions.


      Military vehicles need high performance even in the toughest climates and terrains. In addition to this, there are also electrical equipment that provides radio communication, navigation, night vision, and USB connections in the vehicle. It is of vital importance that they also function properly. Therefore, the military gel battery to be preferred, AGM batteries should provide this with maximum performance.


      The design of the batteries is also a separate point for military vehicles. Due to the fact that they also work in rough terrain, situations such as shaking and vibration are very common. Military vehicle batteries have a special design to keep the battery stable against them. For this reason, situations such as liquid spillage on the battery are almost never experienced. With its reinforced design, it makes maximum performance safe.