Light Commercial Vehicle Batteries

      The car battery, which provides the power and energy that vehicles need to operate, is produced with different features depending on the vehicle types. Today, vehicle technologies are also changing. The increase in the use of vehicles with start-stop technology also causes differences in battery production. Light commercial vehicles can also have different features compared to standard cars. Since these vehicles are transported, there can be a certain standard in terms of speed power. However, since they can have different features as in-vehicle technologies, the battery and energy they need can also be different. Batteries with this feature are used for light commercial vehicles with start-stop technology, if it is a normal vehicle, battery models in a much wider category can be preferred. You can find the best car battery models from Esan Akü. In the choice of light commercial vehicle batteries, first of all, an examination can be made according to the vehicle models.

Automobile and Light Commercial Battery Types

      Each product examined as battery types is responsible for providing the technology and energy needed by the vehicle. The starting power, energy capacity and voltage value required by the vehicles may be different. While a standard automobile may require a 60 amp car battery, this figure may be higher for a light commercial vehicle. Light commercial vehicles generally include models under 3.5 tons. There are many different types of vehicles that fall into this category. They can be used for transportation or transportation purposes. Light commercial battery models are preferred within the operating characteristics of the vehicles. Batteries are grouped according to metal types such as nickel iron and cadmium and lead. The most widely used model lead-acid batteries have wet and dry varieties. Of course, they are also divided into different groups among themselves. They can be examined in AGM battery, EFB BATTERY, gel battery, aqueous battery options.

Taxi Batteries

      Taxis are the busiest vehicles on a daily basis. Along with long and short distances, taxis make the stop-go process the most. The model to be preferred as taxi batteries are battery types that can maintain their durability and functionality against frequent charging and discharging. In relation to this, they are resistant to corrosion and have high electrical conductivity in their design. Depending on the vehicle preferred as a taxi, the required battery power may differ. Dry acid batteries or start-stop taxi battery options are suitable. With the best battery you will find suitable for your vehicle, you can get much higher performance driving for many years. Check out Esan Akü's products for the most affordable taxi battery prices.

Minivan / Panel Van Batteries

      Minivan and panel van type vehicles are generally preferred for transportation, VIP service, goods, food or medicine transportation. Systems such as air conditioning, radio and interior lighting are often used on long-distance journeys. They may need a longer life battery. Braking system or protective systems are also considered in these vehicles. For these vehicles, it is possible to choose from AGM, EFB or standard dry acid batteries.

Pick Up Batteries

      Pick-up vehicles, which are produced in accordance with difficult terrain conditions, need a much higher battery power than other vehicles. At the same time, since they can be frequently exposed to substances such as snow, rain and mud, battery designs are made much more resistant to impact, liquids and vibration. Since these vehicles have start-stop technology, EFB start-stop batteries can provide the energy they need and high, long performance. You can choose from Esan Akü, which offers a wide range of pick-up car battery prices and models, and you can procure your products from the nearest dealers.

Truck Batteries

      Trucks are generally used for the transportation of heavy goods, food and construction products. They can go up to a certain speed so that they can have a reliable drive in traffic. They are produced in order to be more durable. High starting power and shock resistance are among the most important features for pickup truck batteries. The energy required by each pickup truck may also differ. Pickup truck battery prices and models can also be diversified in this sense.

Minibus Batteries

      Passenger capacities vary in minibuses, which are among the most preferred vehicles as public transportation and service vehicles. Vehicle designs are also carried out in this direction. They are used extensively during the day, and stop-and-go operations are frequent in urban traffic. Therefore, AGM batteries with high performance, regenerative braking system can generally be preferred in these vehicles. Minibus battery prices can be as diversified as their models. Battery power, voltage and technology have an effect here.

Affordable Automobile and Light Commercial Battery Prices

      Light commercial vehicles may need more energy than automobiles. Battery life may also end earlier due to the frequency of use. In such a case, a new battery is needed. It depends on the choice of battery, which is one of the most important factors for your vehicle to show the features it has. Using the product with the most appropriate energy power and the most accurate system affects the performance of your vehicle. Battery prices may vary for cars or light commercial vehicles. Depending on your needs, 70 amp battery prices or 12 volt car battery prices or 110 amp battery prices will be at different prices. At Esan Akü, which offers quality and high performance with years of experience, you can meet your needs advantageously with the cheapest battery prices.

Light Commercial Vehicle Battery Advantages

      The light commercial vehicle battery offers much higher performance and long usage to the vehicle. The starting power meets the electrical needs in the best way. They show 2-3 times higher performance than other batteries. These batteries do not require much maintenance compared to others. It has special designs against formations such as corrosion. Since light commercial vehicles are inspected every year, problems with batteries can be detected early. You can take a look at Esan Akü's options for the best model and cheapest auto battery prices that will increase the performance of your vehicle. Depending on the characteristics of your vehicle, you can obtain the model you have chosen from the dealers closest to you.