Bus Batteries

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      It is important for heavy commercial vehicles to maintain high performance. In this category, we can count vehicles that serve in areas such as inter-city or urban transportation, international transportation, agriculture and security. Considering the conditions and duration of use of the vehicles, an uninterrupted need for energy stands out. This is also true for the bus battery. Vehicles included in passenger transportation on a scheduled basis must arrive at the stops at the specified times.

Esan Battery Models Compatible with Different Brands and Models of Buses

      There is a variety of brands as well as bus capacities. The operating technology of each vehicle may also differ. Some vehicles may have start-stop technology features, while others may have standard features. Bus battery types can also be preferred according to these features. At Esan Akü, it is possible to choose batteries suitable for every bus brand and technology. Thanks to its highly protected design and interior structure required by heavy commercial vehicles, it provides comfortable and safe driving in usage areas. Esan Akü, which is the reliable address of heavy commercial vehicle brands in battery preferences, produces products in its facilities equipped with high technology.

High-Tech Bus Batteries

      The energy required by the vehicle to operate changes with bus capacities. There is a constant need for energy for features such as LED televisions behind the seats in the buses, lighting, air conditioning and USB for each passenger, headlights and interior lighting systems of the vehicles, refrigerators where the products to be served in the vehicle are stored. At the point of whether the bus works with batteries, there is a need for batteries in buses as well as in every vehicle. However, a higher performance battery may be preferred here. Considering these features, a question may arise such as how many amps should the bus battery be. This will be different for each bus. As high-tech bus batteries at Esan Akü, all different needs were determined and product diversity was provided.

Bus Battery Advantages

      The battery to be preferred in buses should provide both a safe and comfortable driving experience. In this sense, production is carried out at Esan Akü by utilizing high-tech equipment.

  • They maintain their performance on rough roads with their high vibration resistance.
  • They provide durable use with glass fiber separators.
  • They have the most secure system thanks to their special grill design.
  • It has high performance and high corrosion resistance.

Bus Battery Prices

      Heavy commercial vehicle batteries are produced according to vehicle technologies and energy capacities. In bus batteries, on the other hand, high technology and quality materials are preferred, where every detail is considered. They are produced in special designs so that your vehicle will not have any problems on the roads, and they maintain their efficiency with their high energy capacities and without losing any of their performance in the charge-discharge cycle. Bus battery prices may also vary depending on their technology and energy capacity. You can visit the Esan Akü web page and its dealers to determine the most suitable battery for your vehicle and to provide it with advantageous options.

Uninterrupted Comfort with Esan Akü Bus Battery

      We want to have a comfortable and safe driving experience during our inter-city or urban journeys. Options such as ventilation, lighting or USB inside the vehicles make our journey enjoyable. So much so that if it is a long-distance travel between cities, we pay more attention to such situations. From the LED screens behind the seat, we can watch movies, listen to music or get a more comfortable travel option with air conditioning. In order to experience an uninterrupted travel comfort, buses have options such as 120, 225 or 240 amp bus batteries to meet this need. If you want to experience continuity in your comfort on the roads, you can do this with Esan Akü models.