Passenger Car Batteries with Start & Stop Technology

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      The smallest convertible of hybrid vehicles are micro hybrid vehicles. These are called “Start & Stop” tools. To achieve the first stage of the EU's CO2 emissions target, at least the micro-hybrid system must be used.

      The car battery used in all kinds of vehicles is produced according to the needs of the vehicle such as ignition, starter and light. Since there are vehicles used in different fields, batteries also vary in this sense. Battery models with start-stop feature are produced in accordance with urban uses, where stop-start operations are frequently performed. Passenger car battery choices are very important in terms of better operation and efficiency of the vehicle. You can have the best car battery models that will not leave you on the road and provide long-term quality efficiency with the advantages of Esan Akü. You can visit our website for start & stop battery prices, where you will want to determine the best battery for your vehicle and take advantage of its advantages.

What is Start & Stop Technology?

      Start & Stop batteries are batteries with a reinforced internal structure, high cycle life, short charging time, low water loss, and high corrosion resistance. EFB batteries have 3 times the number of cycles compared to batteries with SLI technology, and AGM batteries have 4 times the number of cycles compared to batteries with SLI technology. Batteries used for vehicles may vary according to vehicle characteristics. The star-stop battery produced for keyless vehicles, the use of which has become widespread today, is produced exactly in accordance with this technology. In the question of what is a start & stop battery, a clear answer can be given by considering the operation of these vehicles. They are new generation vehicles produced against fuel saving in heavy traffic. However, they also require energy for their functioning. Start & stop batteries are also produced to minimize the energy and fuel consumed. Vehicles spend the most fuel during the stop-start time. These battery models also stop the engine at stop-start times, when the vehicle stops, and become active when the clutch is pressed to move again.

Start & Stop Battery Usage Areas

       Every car is different with the parts it uses. Such an important part that affects the performance of the vehicle will of course differ according to each vehicle. There are EFB battery and AGM start & stop battery models produced with start & stop technology. These can only be used on vehicles with the same specification. In order to avoid a problem such as battery incompatibility in your vehicle, we recommend that you do the best research beforehand. In this sense, you should also look at the compatibility of models such as AGM or EFB start & stop batteries in terms of size and CCA value for your vehicle. For the best start & stop battery models, you can examine Esan Akü models and check the compatibility with your vehicle.

High Performance Start & Stop Battery Models

      There are also battery types according to your vehicle usage needs. For areas that require high performance, bumpy or high starting power, there are batteries with many different energy storage. The 100 amp start & stop battery is the model that you will use more efficiently for a long time with its high starting power. Likewise, 63 amp start & stop battery, 72 amp start & stop battery can be preferred according to your needs with long-term use and quality material content. In cases where a medium level is required for different areas in terms of performance, 70 amp start & stop battery, 72 amp start & stop battery and 84 amp start & stop battery can be used with their material and functional features.

      Although each battery has different energy storage, they provide comfortable driving, extend engine life, and have special designs against leaks. For start & stop battery life, 5-6 years can be mentioned in an average usage. The start & stop battery is also user-friendly and environmentally friendly as charging. Each battery can be charged in a short time thanks to its start & stop feature.

Start & Stop Battery Types

       Along with different energy storage areas, they can also stand out with the use of different materials. Steel start & stop battery models with start & stop feature are the most preferred and sought after features. For EFB and AGM battery models, the most recommended agm models for passenger cars can have differences such as 70 amp agm start & stop battery, 80 amp agm battery, 95 amp agm battery. You can find the cheapest start & stop battery models equipped with the latest technology for your battery needs from Esan Akü.

Which Features Should Be Considered While Buying Start & Stop Battery?

       In order to choose a start & stop compatible battery suitable for your vehicle, your vehicle must first have the features suitable for this technology. EFB or AGM compatible vehicles can be replaced with start & stop batteries. However, the size and energy storage required by your vehicle may differ. Vehicle-battery incompatibility can also cause problems in your vehicle. In this sense, your priority will be to determine the most compatible battery for your vehicle. In this sense, you can find answers to all your questions in Esan Akü, the experienced and user-friendly brand of the sector. You can examine the vehicle-battery compatibility on the web page and increase the performance of your vehicle with the most advantageous car battery prices.

Start & Stop Battery Prices

      Vehicle battery prices can be determined within all the mentioned features. Auto battery prices are determined by differences such as brand, energy storage, functioning, materials used. With its user and environment-friendly start & stop battery features, it not only provides comfort in every area of ​​your vehicle's use, but also meets your needs with a lifetime that will not tire your budget.

      The difference between 95 amp and 70 amp agm battery will be reflected in the performance of your vehicle. Due to this performance difference, there will of course be a significant difference in prices. Battery prices can also be a determining factor for car prices. When we look at today's uses, we can see that there is more density in urban traffic. Since vehicle needs are in this direction, start & stop batteries, also known as electric car batteries, are needed. Thus, another factor that adds value to the vehicle is these batteries. You can examine Esan Akü models as the most preferred 72 amp start & stop battery prices and AGM and efm battery prices.

Cheapest Start & Stop Battery Models at Esan Akü!

      We all want to have the best battery for your vehicle's needs such as lighting, interior systems, high starting, low fuel consumption. In addition to this, having a long service life of the battery is among the features we look for the most. One of the places where technology has touched was the battery industry in this sense. With the developed start & stop battery, both comfort and low fuel consumption are provided to the user and the use of the vehicle in engine and other operations has been extended. Along with these, in fact, the biggest benefit has been in the environmental sense.

      Along with less fuel and energy, great contributions have been made to prevent environmental and noise pollution. If you are looking for the right battery for light commercial vehicle batteries or passenger vehicles, you can get advantageous use with the start & stop battery prices of Esan Akü. Car battery prices You can review the lists on our website for the current prices of 2022.

What are Esan Akü Start & Stop Battery Models?

       Battery prices can vary according to car models as well as models. According to different needs, you can reach all types of batteries at Esan Akü. In our company, which offers advantageous options in terms of product variety along with the cheapest auto battery prices;

  • Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicle Batteries,
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Batteries,
  • Traction – Forklift Batteries,
  • Hobby and Alternative Energy Batteries,
  • Battery Plates,

such as batteries and accumulator accessories. You can also find different types of gel batteries, such as the energy storage you want. Start taking advantage of Esan Akü for your start & stop gel battery and all your other needs now.