Van Batteries

      The pickup trucks, which are preferred by commercial or private companies for freight transportation, need much different battery characteristics due to their intensive use and difficult terrain conditions. Many operations such as transportation of food, goods, and construction materials can be carried out with pickup trucks. That's why high battery performance and special interior equipment are a must for pickup truck batteries. To meet this need, Esan Akü has battery types produced for vehicles with standard and start-stop technology in the category of light commercial vehicle batteries.

Truck Battery Features

       Pickup trucks are exposed to more loads than normal passenger cars. Although they are produced according to this, high features are needed in the batteries in order for the pickup trucks to work efficiently.

  • AGM batteries, which are the regenerative braking system, are generally preferred as pickup truck batteries.
  • The vehicle's handling is better.
  • It has high starting power.
  • The batteries in these vehicles, which are also used on rough terrain, are resistant to vibration.
  • They also show high performance in harsh climatic conditions.
  • They have maintenance-free features.

High Performance Truck Batteries

      In battery usage, pickup trucks have a higher usage rate. It is expected that the battery will always meet the necessary energy needs, such as working in much more difficult terrain conditions or carrying excessive loads during the day. Although they are used frequently, they have a 2-3 times longer life than other standard vehicle batteries. The most important reasons for this to happen are vehicle maintenance and battery checks at very frequent intervals, even though the battery does not require maintenance. Battery reinforcement is performed when necessary. Corrosion formations also do not occur and do not cause any negative effects on the battery. In this way, you will experience an uninterrupted driving pleasure in your work with high-performance pickup truck batteries.

Truck Battery Advantages

      The battery energy needed for each pickup truck may be different. For this reason, pickup truck battery types can be quite large. This is the biggest advantage of these batteries. However, there are also advantages that are not limited to diversity.

  • It does not compromise its high performance even in long usages.
  • It is in the maintenance-free battery group.
  • Although the battery does not require maintenance, since commercial vehicles are inspected every year, the control of the batteries can be done regularly.
  • Trucks carrying heavy loads can also be transported on the most difficult terrains. It has a special design to prevent the connection cables on the batteries and the compartment of the battery from playing. It shows high resistance against vibrations.

Truck Batteries With Esan Akü Difference

      The pickup trucks you need for your companies contribute to the best execution of your business. However, these vehicles need to show high performance with uninterrupted battery power. Since the battery need for each vehicle may be different, a different model can be preferred at the ampere point of the pickup truck battery. There are models such as 72 amp truck battery or 90 amp, 120 amp battery. With the difference of Esan Akü, the pickup truck batteries you will prefer will maintain your safe driving pleasure on the road with high performance.

Truck Battery Prices

      Batteries are supplied within the scope of the technology you have and the energy your vehicle needs. However, the same batteries may not always offer the same performance. What stands out here is the production technologies of the brands. Increasing its success day by day with its experience and reliability in the battery industry, Esan Akü has become the number one choice of drivers. It has achieved a successful graphic not only in domestic but also in export of batteries abroad. You can find the most suitable battery or pickup truck battery prices for your vehicle at Esan Akü, which produces batteries in its state-of-the-art production facilities.