Industrial Batteries

Copper Plate Technology

    They are high-capacity and long-lasting batteries used in electric powered forklift trucks and tow trucks. While the tube positive plate structures sealed with high porosity polyethylene separators prevent short circuit formation, they also offer high capacity and long service life thanks to low internal resistance and high acid volume. Boxes and covers made of polypropylene material are adhered to each other with hot bonding technology, ensuring full sealing. In the charged state, the acid density is 1,290 gr/cm³ at 30 C° and the electrolyte density at the end of 80% discharge should be 1,140 gr/cm³.
     Exceeding the 80% discharge rate will lead the cells to deep discharge, resulting in a decrease in the performance of the battery and shortening its life.
Esan Akü traction series;
In the range of 60 Ah - 155 Ah in DIN standards,
It has the capacity needed for all battery applications with its plate variety in the range of 55 Ah - 105 Ah in BS standards.