Considerations While Charging the Battery

The criteria to be considered while charging the battery are listed below.

  • The battery loses power when not in use. This causes the battery voltage to drop. If the battery voltage drops below 12.40V, it should be charged with a battery charger (Rectifier).
  • Battery Charging should be done with a current of 1/20 of the rated capacity of the battery. Battery charging should be terminated when the battery voltage reaches 16.20V.
  • During charging of AGM batteries, the battery charger (rectifier) ​​voltage should be fixed at 14.40 V. During charging, 14.40 V should not be exceeded.
  • During charging of EFB batteries, the battery charger (rectifier) ​​voltage should be fixed at 15.80 V. During charging, 15.80 V should not be exceeded.
  • Since the battery will heat up during charging, the electrolyte temperature should be kept in the range of 25-35 °C.
  • After the battery charging process is finished, first the battery charger (rectifier) ​​should be turned off, then the battery connections should be removed.
  • After the battery charging process is completed, the electrolyte level should be checked for the batteries that require maintenance, and if there is a decrease in the electrolyte level, PURE WATER should be added.

Safety and Environmental Precautions:

  • Acid-resistant work clothes, plastic gloves, boots and glasses should be used as personal protection while connecting the battery to the charger.
  • Since there will be explosive gas release during the battery charging process, ambient ventilation should be provided and fire should not be approached.
  • Waste (scrap) batteries should never be thrown away, but should be delivered to battery services and dealers.
  • Electrolyte (battery water) should never be used in sinks, sewers, etc. should not be spilled.
  • When connecting the battery, first the positive connection cable and then the negative connection cable must be connected.
  • Battery connection should be done carefully. Connection areas (pole heads) should never be left loose.
  • The battery must be firmly fixed to the vehicle installed.