Need to Know

What should be done if the battery voltage is lower than 12.4V in open circuit mode?
- It should be connected to the supply charge with 1/20 amp of the Battery Rated Capacity.

If the battery voltage connected to the vehicle is above 14.2V or 14.5V, what is the reason?
- The vehicle connector is faulty.

If the battery voltage connected to the vehicle does not reach 13 Volts, what is the reason?
- Vehicle connector or alternator is defective.

If the battery voltage connected to the vehicle does not exceed 13.5V, what is the reason?
- One of the diodes of the alternator is broken.

If the battery voltage is higher than 13 Volts while the vehicle is idling, what is the reason?
- The vehicle connector is faulty.

What should we do if the indicator (lamp) does not show green color on the new battery?
- The ball of the indicator may be stuck. The battery should swing left and right.

If the label on the battery is wrinkled, and the colors of the screen printing paints are distorted, what is the reason?
- The battery is overcharged. The alternator should be checked.

If the voltage of one of the batteries is low in vehicles using dual batteries, what is the reason?
- It means 12 Volt current is drawn from one of the battery.

What should be done to get 12 Volt current in vehicles using dual batteries?
- A converter should be put into the circuit and current should be drawn from two batteries.

If a value is measured starting from the negative eye and increasing towards the positive eye, what is the reason?
- The ground wire is oxidized or the battery is not getting enough ground.

If the acid color is not clear but brown, what is the reason?
- The battery may have been overcharged, the battery life has expired, the active substance on the plates has been filtered and mixed with the electrolyte.

If the battery does not charge in the morning and works normally during the day, what is the reason?
- The acid densities and voltage of the battery should be checked, if there is no problem with the battery, the conductor, starter dynamo of the vehicle and, if the vehicle is diesel, the glow plugs should be checked.

What happens to the battery if the vehicle is used once a month?
- The battery becomes sulphated over time due to standby loss and becomes unable to start the vehicle. For this reason, the vehicle should be run for at least 10 minutes once every 15 days in summer and once a week in winter.

Can it use normal batteries in commercial taxis?
- 12V – 72Ah or 60 Ah TAXI BATTERY produced for them should definitely be used.

Which battery should be used in buses?
- Batteries specially produced for buses should be used.

If the battery acid density and voltage values ​​are normal in diesel vehicles, but the vehicle does not start, what is the reason?
- The glow plugs of the diesel vehicle may be defective. Spark plugs should be checked.

What should be considered when removing and installing the battery from the vehicle?
- When removing the battery from the vehicle, the negative cable end must be disconnected first, and the positive cable end must be attached first.

If the battery is not used, should the acid in it be poured?
- Battery acid should never be spilled.