Our Investment

As a result of increasing vehicle usage in the world, the need for accumulators is increasing. In our country, which has become an important base in vehicle production, Esan Battery is on the way to become a strong supplier, as a result of the increase in demand for both the main industry and after-sales accumulators. As Esan Battery, it has become a necessity for us to realize our new investment by following the technological developments in order to respond to the increasing demand for accumulators in our country. Esan Accumulator and Materials Industry, Trade Inc. We have started our new investments by increasing our current production capacity and incorporating industrial battery production. We are planning to increase our starter accumulator production capacity to 8,500,000 units/year with the "Capacity Increase and Area Expansion of the Battery and Components Production Facility" project, and to produce industrial accumulators with a capacity of 1,500,000 cells/year. It is important for us that you, our esteemed stakeholders, share your positive or negative opinions with us regarding our investment in Dilovasi Organized Industrial Zone. You can reach us through our communication channels by reviewing our Stakeholder Engagement Plan in our investments section so that you can convey your complaints and satisfaction, if any.

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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