How to Select and Install the Battery?

Battery Selection

How to Choose a Battery?

For the right battery selection;

  • Battery sizes L1-L2 etc. DIN codes,
  • Capacity value (Ah),
  • Cold cranking current (CCA),
  • Pole head type and directions are the basic criteria.

In the light of these features, you can determine the battery you need by examining our Accumulator Catalogue.

How Should Battery Installation Be Done?

  • Before removing the battery on the vehicle, check the capacity information, dimensions, polarity direction and cable markings, if necessary, put +/- signs on the cables. The negative cable must be disconnected first, then the positive cable.
  • Make sure that the voltage and charge value of the new battery and the polarity are correct.
  • Prepare the cable connections (cable ends should be cleaned with hot water if oxidized) and the battery tray by carefully examining them.
  • Connect the Positive (+) wire first. Then connect the negative (-) ground wire. Make the mounting and pole connections of the new accumulator firmly according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Be particularly careful when clamping the battery terminals from the side, as over-tightening will damage the terminals. Assembly must be done carefully according to the manufacturer's instructions, as loose clamping will cause explosions.
  • Coat terminals and cable ends with anti-corrosion agent.