How to Store Unused Battery?

You can learn the physical and technical information about how to store your unused battery from our content.

      Batteries should be stored in a closed, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Packing standards and conditions must be followed in stacking. In storage, stock and shipment should be made according to the production dates in accordance with the "First In - First Out" principle.

      Recharging is required when the open circuit voltage of the battery drops below 12.4V with proper storage. Generally,

*Recharge requirement for Ca-Ca aqueous batteries:

  • Every 6 months if the average storage temperature is below 25 degrees
  • Every 3 months if the average storage temperature is above 25 degrees

*In hybrid flooded batteries, these times are about 1/2.


      While charging, the electrolyte should not be allowed to overflow and the temperature should not exceed 45°C. If the temperature rises, reduce the charging current or stop charging until the battery cools down.